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Paul Loggan Foundation Grant Application 

The Paul Loggan Foundation (“PLF”) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that all student athletes have the opportunity to excel in sports by providing resources, community support, and mentorship that will enhance their love of athletics and competition. The foundation will strive to foster a community to serve and inspire others to be outstanding individuals within the community in everything they do, the way Paul Loggan lived his life.  

The PLF has created a grant program to support North Central’s athletics and its extraordinary student athletes, coaches, and families. While the Foundation aspires to to meet both the immediate and long term needs of all sports, it must manage the resources judiciously in order to preserve the long term sustainability of the mission. Each application will be carefully considered on a case by case basis, giving thought to equity, inclusion, and appropriateness of the ask (i.e. does it confirm with PLF mission and values). 
Program Eligibility Requirements 
The following requirements must be met to quality for funds from the PLF:
  • Applicants/Coaches must attest that they are in good standing with Washington Township, North Central High School and the North Central Athletic department in order to receive funds.
  • Applicants/Coaches must attest that they are either employed by or contracted with North Central High School at the time of the application 
  • Applicants/Coaches must have attest that they have a current criminal background check on file with Washington Township and/or North Central High School at the time of the application
  • Applicants/Coaches must attest that any funds appropriated will be used in an appropriate manner, consistent and in accordance with any/all Washington Township/North Central High School codes of conduct AND in accordance with applicable IHSAA rules/regulations. 
Application Process and Program Guidelines 
Grant requests will be submitted to the PLF Board and will be reviewed and processed by the Finance/Grant Committee:
Coaches may submit ONE application per calendar year (either Winter OR Summer) and can choose which window to apply in each year based on needs/circumstances. There will be two 30-day application windows each calendar year: Winter and Summer 
  • Applicants/Coaches must complete the application no later than January 31st for the Winter application window, and no later than June 30th for the Summer application window 
  •  Applications must be completed via the PLF website ( 
  • All required fields must be filled out, all requested information must be attached, and all attestations must be completed. Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed. 
  • Applicants/Coaches will receive a confirmation email to confirm receipt of your completed application.
  • There are no guarantees that completed applications will be approved either partially or in their entirety 
  • Application approvals in any given window does not guarantee future application approvals or funding
  • The PLF Board and its Committees/Officers reserve the right to make changes to the program and application requirements at any time, at its sole discretion, and will notify applicants of such changes.
Grant Approval Process 
Grants will be approved (or denied) as efficiently and timely as possible in order to assit Applicants/Coaches with planning. 
  • Applications will be reviewed and processed by the PLF Board and Finance/Grant Committee no later than 30 calendar days after the closing of the applicable application window.
  • Applicants will be notified of the approval (or denial) and funding levels via email within 15 days after all reviews are complete. 
  • Funds disbursement will occur within 10 days of approval notification and will be payable only to the sports entity (e.g. North Central Baseball). No funds will be disbursed directly to an applicant or Head Coach 
  • Decisions on applications and funding levels are FINAL and may not be appealed 
  • The PLF Board and its Committees/Officers reserve the right to make changes to the approval process and funding decisions at any time, at its sole discretion, and will notify applicants of such changes.
  • The PLF Board reserves the right to audit the use of proceeds to ensure consistency with the application and PLF mission. 
General Grant Ask Parameters
“Large” asks (i.e. >$1,000) are less likely to get funded in full in the short term. Funds should go towards things that will help/impact your sport and your student athletes broadly and equitably (i.e. don’t ask for funding for a tool for just your star athlete or geared towards a single position). Funds should be directly or indirectly beneficial to your sport and your athletes. Don’t make “personal” asks that aren’t applicable to the sport. We encourage you to work with your sport Booster Club to think about your needs and how they can work with the PLF to fund larger/longer term asks.